Creative Ideas for a 500 Word Essay about Race Discrimination

Need some creative ideas for your next 500 word essay assignment? The ones you get from your professors might seem a little boring or overused. Why not wow them with some topics no one has thought of before? The best way on how to write a 500 word essay is by brainstorming some of the following creative ideas. You can access them here for free or use them to help inspire and develop some ideas of your own.

  1. Do you think reverse Affirmative Action cases should be treated the same way discrimination cases are treated in the judicial systems? How can one apply a fair standard?
  2. How have government funded and private grants helped people of minority race get educational and professional opportunities that would have otherwise been difficult?
  3. In what ways have race discrimination improved in the last 30 years in major metropolitan areas in which minorities are the majority group of denizens?
  4. Is the current legal system in the United State biased towards people of minority race? Do you think this is different in districts where minorities hold high political offices?
  5. Do school children exhibit signs of discrimination of other students because of their race? Should parents be held responsible for the behavior or beliefs their children have?
  6. Should schools be more adamant in doling out punishments for children who exhibit discrimination based on race? Is this schools responsibility or that of the parents?
  7. Some academic social researchers have found some unity in criticizing the concept to race discrimination? What are the major claims being made and what supportive evidence exists?
  8. Do you think it’s more important to teach children about racial discrimination early in their lives or is it better for them to learn about discrimination on their own?
  9. What are the most psychologically damaging forms of racial discrimination? Does this happen to victims more in their younger lives or when they are grown up?
  10. Should state governments get more involved with ending race discrimination in jobs paid for by state taxes? Is it possible to sway voters who put politicians in public office?

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