Top Methods to Complete an Interesting Essay

Writing an interesting essay involves both creative and critical thinking and well-developed writing skills. Many students complain they are not satisfied with the way they write and can struggle with such tasks for hours. Some obvious reasons are difficulties in choosing a good topic, wording thoughts, organizing the work, or just laziness.

Actually, students find these assignments hard because they try to write something the teacher would like. This is completely wrong as they should focus on their own thoughts, write what they like, and try to make some fun out of it. If fact, anyone can compose an interesting paper employing some writing tricks on how to communicate their thoughts freely and make the reader engrossed in them.

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    Develop strong writing skills.

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    Let your inspiration fly and add some colors to your essay.

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    Your essay may be much more interesting If you search for unusual facts on web.

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    Apply these tips. You'll see how good your essay actually can be.

Choose a good topic.

Selecting a topic is half of the whole work. Try choosing the issue you are passionate about so that you can write emotionally and engage the reader. Superb college essays for sale on modern topics from our best academic writers.

Write a plan.

It’s the most popular advice which many writers still ignore. It’s psychologically difficult to make yourself think of what you’ll write, but it helps make the structure clear.


Read the most important books on the topic to include specific and interesting information. You can add cites of well-known people to your paper to make it credible

Think of a concise thesis.

Any type of writing task has a thesis statement, which conveys the point of the whole work. Sales managers use the “elevator speech” technique to craft short sentences to convince the customer to buy the product. Apply the idea to your paper: imagine you have to tell your reader what it’s about before the lift stops at the necessary floor.

  • Make the structure clear.

    Compose well-defined introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It makes the writing process simpler and helps the reader understand your logic. To make every component perfect, experts recommend practicing each of them separately.

    Use examples.

    Simply providing information to the reader won’t do. The questions you generally have to answer are “why?” and “how?”. To answer them don’t explain things theoretically, instead, turn to real life and give examples from history, news or your own experience.

    Ask questions.

    Orators used this trick since the ancient times when they communicated with their audience using rhetorical questions. Try stating your problem in a form of a question to make the reader think about it and compare his view with yours.

  • Enhance your vocabulary.

    Read books and articles, learn new words, and start a vocabulary notepad. By doing this you’ll find how it helps express your thoughts in a more engaging manner.

    Be careful with word choice.

    Always check your vocabulary corresponds with the general style. Avoid clichés, the word “some”, and using “you”. Don’t write long words to look smart, they may confuse some of the readers.

    Don’t repeat yourself.

    Introduce new ideas with each new paragraph. You can only rephrase the introduction in the conclusion section with adding new information to it. Check your transitional words don’t repeat as well.