Composing a Gender Inequality Essay Introduction

The introductory paragraph to a gender inequality essay is one of the most important parts of the entire assignment. It sets up the tone for the rest of the paper and quickly informs the reader of what it is you will be discussing. Without a well-written introduction the reader might be confused and find your argument difficult to follow. Here are some important things you should know about composing a great introduction:

  • Step 1) Start with a Catchy Opening Sentence
    The opening sentence should be catchy and original. It’s often referred to as the hook and it serves as the first point in which to capture the reader’s attention. There are a number of simple but effective strategies to employ, such as posing an interesting question, describing an intriguing anecdote, or quoting a profound statement. Any of these can work wonders, but it’s important that you choose one that is appropriate for your gender roles essay and not something the reader will have trouble connecting to the subject.
  • Step 2) Provide Some Background Context
    The next few sentences should provide important background information to put your topic into some context of which the reader can make some sense. If you are writing about an important historical figure, for instance, you might choose to use a few sentences to describe some events leading up to that person’s role in the gender work, or if you are writing about an important court decision then you can describe how society was like during the time the ruling was made. Three or four background sentence is sufficient; never lose sight of your main topic.
  • Step 3) Close with a Strong Thesis Statement
    Finally, all sentences in the introduction thus far should work to get you to this point: the thesis statement. This is where you present your argument on a particular issue in a concise and clear sentence every topic discussed throughout your paper should directly relate to and address to prove. Students often struggle to write strong thesis statements because they make them too complex in order to sound “academic.” This is bad approach; your thesis should be direct and point out exactly what you are attempting to prove throughout your paper. Draft a couple of statements and never be afraid to make changes so that it fits the rest of the paper.
    Follow the steps described above to create a solid opening paragraph that is sure to get the reader in the right mood to continue reading your paper. There are a number of gender essay topics to write on, but this strategy can be applied to just about any one. Keep this article handy as you learn the process and in a short amount of time you can expect to be composing excellent introductions without any problems. WriteMyEssayZ can help you manage that.