Crafting a Strong Conclusion of an Essay on Personal Experience

You’ve come to the close of your personal experience essay but you can’t seem to find the right words to bring it all together. You’re happy with the how the entire assignment has turned out thus far, but you know you need a strong conclusion in order to leave a positive lasting impression on the reader. This is the right kind of thinking – but too much of it might keep you from actually getting any writing done. Here’s a great strategy for crafting a strong conclusion for an essay on personal experience:

  • Before You Write, Summarize and Synthesize
    Try not to jump right into the task of writing a conclusion. Instead, spend a few minutes simply writing down the most important points of your assignment. Summarize and synthesize the information in concise and clear statements – they might even be simple phrases – that simply cover the gist of it all and use these notes to build your conclusion.
  • Think About Its Inherent Opposite Structure
    One of the biggest problems with conclusions is that they are often written employing the wrong structure. A good conclusion should have a structure opposite to that of the introduction – meaning it should begin with a reminder of your thesis, highlights of the important points discussed, and a closing statement that leaves a lasting impression on the reader. In simple terms it should bring the personal experience paper to a close by serving as a sort of bookend to the main subject.
  • Getting the Flow and the Words Right
    Now that you have written a few sentences that summarize and synthesize the content, you are ready to start writing the first conclusion draft. You aren’t expected to get it perfect the first time but you can certainly get a sense for the proper flow and words to remind the reader of the most import topics discussed and how they work towards proving your thesis statement.
  • Closing the Paper with a “Reverse”-Hook
    There are a number of personal experience essay ideas you might choose from, but they should all have a few important elements to make them interesting for the reader: one of these is the hook. The hook should be the first sentence of the introductory paragraph. But you can also use what is referred to as a “reverse” hook to close your assignment altogether. Think of your closing sentence as a sort of bookend – a perfect reflection of your opening – that serves to bring the reader back into the real world. Also consider an option to pay to write an essay online at low price and get it done easy and fast.