Coming Up with Fresh 4 Page Essay Topics

By now you’ve probably have learned everything you need on how to write a 4 page essay, but you’re likely still in need of some fresh topic ideas before you get started with researching and taking notes on your way to creating a great 4 page essay outline and finally writing the assignment. We have talked to some of the best educational experts from and asked them to give us a list of eight fresh ideas for you to use for free:

  1. How do business cyber-security measures violate the privacy of its customers or clients? Should companies be allowed to learn private information in order to protect themselves?
  2. In what ways is the glass-ceiling limitation different for men and women? Are there other groups that are regularly discriminated against because of this limitation?
  3. Should U.S. states incorporate a more uniform system of mandatory minimum sentencing for specific non-violent crimes? Would this help deter criminals?
  4. How should campus police work with college officials to make campuses more safe and free of violence? Should groups with violent messages be barred from college altogether?
  5. Does the Patriot Act discriminate against people of a certain race or religious beliefs? Is this in line with what America’s founding fathers had in mind regarding freedoms?
  6. Should campus security be allowed to perform random locker checks in high schools? What should be the ensuing punishment for students who are found with illegal substances?
  7. Are parents more or less likely to be involved in their children’s upbringing if there were greater negligent consequences for their children’s illicit behavior?
  8. Is it fair for students of certain religious beliefs to form prayer groups on public school grounds? What if anything are the larger consequences of going down this road?

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